Formacare closes 2021 with the launch of a revamped newsletter

09 December 2021

2019 was the start of a new era, with the launch of the EU Green Deal. Since then the European Commission has followed suit by publishing its Circular Economy Action Plan and Climate Strategy. The latest addition to the mix is the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. The members of Formacare stand by the safe use and manufacturing of formaldehyde in accordance with the strictest health and safety regulations. As such, not only does the group seek to stay informed to ensure compliance, but it also to find ways to pro-actively contribute to the ambitions of the EU Green Deal.

"The EU policy arena is rapidly changing the context we work in, and as such may have an impact on the existing regulations around formaldehyde. we want to keep our downstream users and other parties interested in formaldehyde informed on the latest developments" says Lars Eric Johansson, Chairman of Formacare.

The aim of the newsletter is to share the latest EU policy developments and their impact on formaldehyde, highlight the activities of the group in response to these developments, and demonstrate how formaldehyde can positively contribute to elements of the EU Green Deal, backed up by data.

We therefore invite you to sign up to our newsletter. To give you an idea of what we have in store, please find the link to our first edition below: