About Formacare

Formacare is the formaldehyde sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) representing key European producers of formaldehyde and derivatives including aminoplast resins and glues, polyacetals, paraformaldehyde and polyols.

Made up of representatives from large chemical and manufacturing companies across Europe, Formacare promotes the safe use and manufacturing of formaldehyde in accordance with the strictest health and safety regulations. Members of Formacare represent approximately 98% of the formaldehyde produced in the EU+Norway.

Formacare aims to provide a platform for an open and constructive dialogue throughout the value chain, between manufacturers, downstream users and key regulators at both the National and European level.
Formacare also works closely with leading scientists and academics to continually support research related to formaldehyde, its uses and health and safety.